Welcome to the Connect Africa Foundation

Founded in 2005, Connect Africa helps villagers in Uganda who are struggling to support children orphaned by AIDS. In Uganda, education is not free but every family dreams of an education for their child and a future income for a better life. Our mission is to strengthen families by providing educational sponsorship to orphans and business loans to the guardians of orphans.

The AIDS pandemic has left most families with an elderly grandmother as the sole provider for eight—15 grandchildren. We provide the necessary resources that enable individuals to develop independence and self-sufficiency and the tools to become future leaders. Ugandans have the ideas and motivation to succeed, and with your help Connect Africa has the funds to put their plans into action.

As a unique, community-based organization, Connect Africa is guided by the expertise and knowledge of individuals from the villages in which we work. We are present in the communities to ensure the mission. Connect Africa is also unique because the connection between the donor and the Ugandan recipient is direct, personal, and long-lasting.